Sunday, August 18, 2013

Need Some Class*y Additions for Your Classroom?

In honor of the HUGE Teachers Pay Teachers sale this weekend, a few of the ladies here at A Class*y Collaboration wanted to showcase some of our Class*y products!!  Hopefully you'll find something to interest you and your little ones :)

First up is Brenda, from Primary Inspired.

Her Calendar Math Pack is a huge hit!  It's orginially $6.00 but with the sale it will be $4.68!  What a deal!
Check out the rest of her store my clicking on her blog button above!

Next is Kathy Law from First Grade a La Carte!

Kathy's Capture the Facts is an adorable packet of activities for Addition and Subtraction math facts!  Originally it's $8.00, but with the sale it's only $5.76!  Can't beat that! Check it out by clicking the picture below.  To go directly to her store by clicking her blog icon above!

Up next is Sabra from Teaching With a Touch of Twang!  (Love her blog title!!)

Her Class*y product is her Editable Back to School has everything you need and want for Open House and Back to School.  It's super colorful and super cute!  Originally it's $5.00, but during the sale its $3.60!  That's a steal!  Click above to go to her store and below to check out the item!

Next is Jacque from Mommy and Me Creations.  

She's sharing her adorable Alphabet Posters.  They are the cutest colors and are perfect for ANY classroom!  Their sale price is only $4.25!  Better hurry and get these!  

Another amazing seller...Rachel from Sub Hub!

Her Class*y Contribution is her 3rd Grade Common Core Emergency Sub Plans!  This has EVERYTHING you need for those emergency situations!  Fantastic?  Yes, it is!!  On sale it's only $3.60!  I don't know about you, put I can't put a price on being prepared for that winter bug that always hits...  But if I did - it would be $3.60 on sale!! :)  Click above for her sale and below for the product!  

Last but not least, ME!  Ciera from Adventures of Room 129

My Class*y product is my new Vocabulary Voyage Year Round Test Prep Activity.  I've been using this with my kids and in 2 weeks, they are already becoming more confident and their ability to answer standardized test questions is greatly increasing!  And, even better - they LOVE how we're learning it all!  Originally this product is $6.00.  But for the sale it will only be $4.32!  I seriously wouldn't pass this up! Click above to see my store and below to learn more about the program!  

Well, I hope you found something to interest you!  Don't miss out on this sale - it only comes every once in a while!!  

Happy Shopping!!

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