Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pronouns, Paragraphs, and Photographs - Oh My!

Hello there!  Ciera here from Adventures of Room 129!  So I'm finishing my THIRD week of school now.  It's been a success so far!  I loop from 2nd to 3rd grade so this year is super easy because I already know my kiddos!!  It's such a blessing to come into a room and already know the kids, their parents, and their strengths and weaknesses! It helps us get to work right away :)  Which is what we did!!

We've been doing a nice review on parts of speech this past week.  We did a lesson on pronouns and the kids loved it!  Basically, the students went around, each with a pronoun in their hand.  They all had to find a sentence that their pronoun could be placed in.  It was super simple, but loads of fun!

The pronouns were written on 1/2 pages of construction paper and then folded in half.  When the kids found their sentence, they were able to physically drape the pronoun piece over the noun in their sentence.  

So I'm always looking for new ways to showcase our lesson objectives and standards.  As most kids are, mine are very much into technology.  So the artist in me....(that's a joke - you'll understand when you see the photo!) tried to make a large iPad and used the title iKnow iCan for our objective board.  It's not bad...  I guess it does the job!  

One of the routines I like to instill into my kids is to reflect on their learning.  I have them do this with every assignment they turn into me.  They do it in many different ways, but the most routine way is by turning their paper into a specific colored tray.  Green, Yellow, and Red.  I've got questions and the stoplight reflection visual on a bulletin board behind the trays for them to refer to when they turn something in.  This is a great way to check and see how the students feel and think they did.  Great conversations happen because of this!  

Just thought I'd share a few other spots in my room while I'm at it.  :)  

This is the very popular - Show What You Know board.  It's not in the picture, but after I took the photo, I added a label into each square with the kids' names on them and a small magnet (behind it is the vent)  The kids use this to turn in any type of post it not work we do.  It's fantastic to have and easy to use!  You can have the title graphics for FREE!  :)  Just click the photo below!  Hope you like them :)  

Here's how I organize all of my manipulatives.  I like having them out and ready so the kids can use them as they need for different activities.  

I like to hang my task cards that I want the kids to focus on right next to the manipulatives just in case they need them for their cards.  I use them as early finisher activities.   

Here's how I organize my teacher resource books and teaching materials.  I try to keep everything I have (which is a LOT) as organized as possible.  I keep everything in specific categories.  Next to each basket is a bin of books that match that topic.  So in the photo below, there are nonfiction activities in the basket and then nonfiction books in the bin to the left.  This has worked out to be great not only for me but for other teachers who borrow resources.  

And finally - my newest product.  I was super happy. This was product #81 in my store.  I can't wait till I hit 100!  Lots of work ahead...  

I'm doing a week long mini unit on paragraph writing next week and want to start my students off by being able to distinguish the difference between what IS and IS NOT a paragraph.  This is a simple sorting activity where the students use a checklist of attributes and then read cards and decide whether it is or is not a paragraph.  It includes 16 cards (8 paragraphs and 8 not), a recording sheet with follow up questions, student directions, teacher directions, and an answer key.  I can't wait to use it next week.  It think it will really help them see the differences especially when they're almost there!!  Click on either picture to learn more!

Whew!  Long post - but I had lots to share!  Also, as many of you know - the Back to School TPT sale is coming up on August 18th and 19th.  My entire store will be 20% off along with the 10% that TPT is offering.  Don't miss out!!  Happy Shopping!


  1. I love your iKnow iCan board & am super in love with how you have students turn their work in. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.


  2. Wow! Your pronoun activity it adorable! I'm gonna be using that one in the coming weeks for sure! Also, just added the paragraph activity to my TPT cart - love that! My students really seem to struggle with what a paragraph is!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  3. I too love your reflection board and how the students turn in their work. Is this something you purchased or have for sale? I would love to do this with my 1st graders.

  4. I really like the teacher book organization! Great idea! I also really like the turn in baskets. After kids turn the work in, what do you do from there? Do you do anything different based on the basket they chose?

    1. Yes. I base some of my teacher to student conferences based on where they turn in their papers. Sometimes I'll have kids who get a 100% and they turn it into the red. So it's more of a confidence boost type conversation. Then I'll have the opposite. Kids who didn't do so well turn it into green. That's more of a reteach conversation that starts with "Why do you think you did good on this activity?" "What steps did you take to complete it?" Etc.. I hope that makes sense! It's just always good to know where the kids think they are or how they think they're doing. :)