Monday, January 6, 2014

How's the Weather in YOUR Neck of the Woods?

I'm here in Indiana, where we are currently getting pummeled by old man winter! I know many of you are also getting your fair share of winter weather. Lots of snow days today, I hear!

This cute little book is one of my favorites to read to my kiddos after a snow day. By one of my favorite authors comedians! Jimmy Fallon?! Did you know Jimmy Fallon was an author?! In this cute little book, the little boy (I like to imagine that it's Jimmy Fallon as a child & his sister wake up to discover that they have a SNOW DAY! Lots of the usual fun ensues. It is just a sweet little book. My kiddos really enjoy it!

This book would be great to use as a entrance to a writing activity. There are just oodles & oodles of kid self-to-text connections that can be made with this book!

My Indiana bloggy friends and I are enjoying a snow day today (as long as the power doesn't go out!). We are actually in the middle of a SnOwPoCaLyPsE! Blizzard conditions coupled with high winds and brutally cold temps today mean we are all snuggled inside. We thought to ourselves, "you know what?"

There's SNOW better way to spend a day than with a $1 Sale!

We've got lots of terrific winter-themed items on sale. Stop over & check out the terrific bargains! Just click on the image above to head that way! you have a snow day today? How are you spending the day? 
 (I'm going to be finalizing my grades for last quarter. Yay!).


  1. Brenda, I didn't know that you had a new avatar (or whatever they're called). Love it! :)
    We don't have a snow day, we have a cold day. -20 right now. Yikes!

  2. We do not have a snow day. It will be about 70 today.

  3. I wish we had a snow day! No snow here. :( I don't know how I would handle a huge snow storm though... I just want a little snow to play in. :) I'm so excited about this book. I love to get new book! I always love snow-themed books too!