Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Divide, Conquer, Introduce, and Summer Reading Fun

Hello everyone!  I'm Matt from the little ol' blog known as Digital: Divide & Conquer.  I'm one of the newest blogger additions here and I'm looking forward to sharing and collaborating with everyone.  I've been an elementary special education teacher for the past nine years all while moonlighting as the school's tech specialist because we're done with the VCR.

Some other super cool facts about me you might not know:
  1. Once (when I was younger) during a Christmas break my parents accidentally forgot about me and flew to France.  I was home and all alone for almost an entire week.
  2. I worked with a doctor that created the flux capacitor.
  3. I created the pattern simply known as plaid.
Okay, so maybe none of those are really true but it would be kind of nice if the plaid thing was.  The real truth is I think just about anything can be used for educational purposes inside and outside of the classroom.  Mixing education with technology, adding pop culture, sprinkling in a little authentic learning, and finishing with an 80's reference is kind of my style.  I deal in GIFs, videos, and just about anything that makes me laugh (I hope it does the same for you).

I'm leaving you today with a web mix from one of my favorite curating sites on the web, Symbaloo.  Readers from all levels will want to use this Symbaloo Board for a ton of great summer reading websites from a lot of their favorite books.  If you've never used Symbaloo--you are in for a treat.

So I will confidently nudge you to head over to my blog and check out more posts like this.  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to share here and at my place, but also grow as an educator  and maybe have a few laughs along the way.



  1. Great first post! Love the movie references!
    Glad to have you along for the to check out this Symbaloo thing.
    Thinking of Teaching

  2. Love this post! I'm so gullible that I had to read ahead to make sure not to fall for it! haha :) I just went to the Infinite iPossibilities conference yesterday, and one of the presenters used Symbaloo! I'm excited to check it out! Excited to be a part of this collaboration as well!

    All Things Apple in 2nd

  3. Jennifer,
    That's awesome (about the CBs). Good luck with the training too--CBs are great and your students will love them too. I love how easy Symbaloo is and how effortlessly kids can use it.