Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to School fun with Guided Math!

Back to School fun with Guided Math!

I love routines.  Routines, schedules, bins, lists *sigh*, a few of my favourite things for sure!  Establishing routines with young children can be challenging but it is more than work it in the long run! Once your kiddos know the routines, rules and expectations- you are golden!
So, I start the year off the way I want it to go. Sure, we do some fun stuff too, but I want my students to get into the style of work that we will be doing throughout the year. One of the cornerstone of my program is my small group math time to do guided math. I need my students to be comfortable with the routines during this time as they need to be independent and on task and I need to be able to focus on the little friends at my table with me.
So, I created a fun "Back to School" freebie to get my students right into the swing of things! You can grab it here!

If you need some tips about setting up guided math, check out my blog post over at Tina's Teaching Treasures for tips, photos and freebies!

Happy back to school time! 

-Tina @ Tina's Teaching Treasures

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