Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Basket Find!! Giveaway!

So I went on the search this summer for book baskets. I was looking for something practical, of course....the right size to hold a good number of books or supplies....something that would remain standing and not topple over when it filled with a good number of books. Of course, also cute (you know- comes in the 'right' colors!). AND a good buy!
I did have a few Really Good Stuff book baskets that I'd inherited from another teacher, & I first looked there to see what they had. But, like I said, I wanted a good buy. And look what I ended up ordering! I found these terrific book baskets at Steps to Literacy! They fit the bill - the right size, stable when filled with books or supplies, and super cute in just the right colors!

Look at all those beautiful colors! You can get order just single colors, or you can get sets: Primary Colors or Fun Colors.

Aaaand.....best of all - a GREAT buy! Check this out...
Really Good Stuff's set of 4 is $18.99, and with shipping ends up $27.95
Steps to Literacy's set of 4 is $14.95, and with shipping ends up $19.95

Now I call that a good deal!

If you're wondering how they compare to the Really Good Stuff ones, take a look. They're extremely similar. The design is just a tad different, and it looks like Steps to Literacy's book bins are just a tiny bit bigger than the other.

I'm in love with my purple book bins. And guess what.....Steps to Literacy is so awesome that they're letting me give away TWO SETS of book bins!! One set of the primary colors and one of the fun colors. Just click down there on that rafflecopter widget and enter away! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing the two vendors. I love Really Good Stuff, but was also looking for a better price because I need 20. Love the fancy colors, but had planned to buy 5 primary color sets to match my BIG table boxes. Winning this would be great so I would only need to buy 4.

  2. EEEK!!! Can I win this too? LOVE these book boxes and I'm so excited you found another place to buy book boxes with the PERFECT colors!

  3. I love these book bins. I bought them last year from Steps to Literacy. They are very sturdy and roomy. The price is great too!

  4. I would love to win these book bins! They look great and more sturdy than my dollar store bins!

  5. I am so excited to find your blog. I love the book bins as they can be used for multiple things.