Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rocking Comprehension Reminders!

use readworks to increase reading comprehension

Hello everyone!  I am Lori from Conversations in Literacy.  I am one of the newest members  at A Spark of Inspiration and I am thrilled to here!  I have a great idea for you today that will help increase your students' comprehension.  And there is a cute freebie at the end for you!

Have you started using ReadWorks yet?  ReadWorks is free, you just need to register.  They offer comprehension units, reading passages, skill units, etc... I use them a lot for my RTI groups.  Right now I have 2 4th grade students in tier III and we are doing a lot of work with ReadWorks to build their comprehension skills.

Building Reading Comprehension

First, we went over the steps for Rocking Comprehension Reminders.  For some students, they just need visual reminders and to try it with short chunks of texts.

Build Reading Comprehension

After we go over the anchor chart and the steps to better comprehension, we get to it!  My RTI students start out with very short texts, one paragraph at a time.  I give them a Rocking Comprehension Reminder bookmark with their ReadWorks passage.  The two students read the same paragraph, cover the paragraph, remember what they read, then retell it to their partner.  After both partners have a chance to retell, they move to the next paragraph.  Or you can have students simply take turns for each paragraph.  

Building Reading Comprehension

To celebrate my first post here, I have created this Rocking Comprehension Reminders bookmark freebie for you!  Print, laminate, cut apart and you are set to start building reading comprehension skills!  Just click here or on the picture above to get it.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hi!  It's Megan from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade!  Did you hear the big news?  TpT is having a sale tomorrow, February 25th!  What's on your wish list?  Mine is over-flowing!  Head on over to my blog to see a few things that I recommend!  Here's a sneak peak:

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PS-Isn't the sale poster cute?  Thanks to Jen from Teaching in the Tongass for making it!

Happy Shopping to you!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Beat Winter Blues With Zombie Math and A Freebie

The world is stuck in winter.  It is no longer the wonderland we knew and loved before Christmas, only a cold, frozen tundra.  Not even an oversized rodent named Phil could save help us.  February winter is just the pits.  Cue Debbie Downer...

That being said--not all is lost.  In order to beat the monotony of this weather and long stretch of uninterrupted school daze, a couple of my students and I have been playing a great little card game called Zombie Run!  This game isn't supposed to be educational, but we're teachers and we can make just about anything educational.

The gist of the game involves having the least amount of zombies attacking you after each round (there's instructions included, btw).

How do we make this educational (math specific)?  We do the math for adding, finding totals, comparing numbers, double digit, you know--all that good math STUFF kids don't realize they're into when they're playing games.  Games are quick and messy.  Lots of brains when you're dealing with zombies and hordes or undead players.

Cards range from 0-15.  The largest is a horde (you don't want that).  You can call bluffs on each other and gamble that you've got the least amount of walkers chasing after you, but if you're wrong you've got to double your score.  You can find an link here.

Image from

If a card game doesn't do it for you, grab this free GO AWAY WINTER worksheet below.  Addition and subtraction within 12, mainly for my little guys.  Or there's also a simple coloring sheet--I mean, who doesn't like a little art therapy.  Grab it HERE and grab it from my drive.

Stay Warm.


Sunday, February 22, 2015


We are so excited about our fresh new look and name that we had to celebrate with FREEBIES and GIFT CARDS!
Thank you to one of our newest authors, Lori from Conversations in Literacy for sending people this way.

Make sure to hop through each stop, grabbing a freebie at each blog, until you get all the way through and follow us along the way. Check out the rafflecopter below for a chance to win one of two fabulous prizes!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ron Clark Academy & EDexpo 2015!!!

Hi everyone!!! Are you all staying warm?? We were at about -7 degrees this morning when my sister's car wouldn't start! :) Needless to say, I can't wait till spring!!

I'm stopping by to share some exciting things happening this weekend!!!!


It's been a dream of mine to visit RCA since it opened!! I remember watching The Ron Clark Story on TV and being so motivated and inspired from it that when I heard about RCA, I had to go!! So here I am!! It's 10:30pm the night before the big day!! I'm so stinking excited that I can't handle it!! I don't want the day to end already!!

On top of that, I get to join so many AWESOME teacher bloggers at the EDexpo 2015 to check out the latest and greatest in classroom materials!!!

You can read more about my AMAZING weekend HERE!!! Can't wait to share more next week too!

Have a great weekend!!
Nicole :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Do You Hear What I Hear?

I was able to add a ton of new work to this pack over the long weekend and I can't wait to give you a look at it!
I had my son practice some of the pages- he loves to make up a name each time.

Grab it on sale today!

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Happy Monday!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Guided Reading: 1st Grade

Hi everyone!  It's Megan from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade!  Today I am here to share a new an exciting new product with you!  I've been working hard on my "Growing Guided Reading Bundle" for many weeks now and last weekend, I posted the first unit and the opportunity to purchase the entire bundle at a discounted rate before all units are added.  This set is intended to supplement your guided reading time.  Hands on phonics activities, writing, games, and more are included.  Each level {AA-J} has over 100 pages of activities that are developmentally appropriately aligned with it.  My first unit, "Pre-Readers" is already available in the growing bundle. All units will be available for individual purchase as they are added, but the bundle will be a better deal.  I'm currently finishing up "Level A" today and it should be posted this evening!  To check out the bundle in more detail, head over to my blog by clicking HERE.  You can find a little freebie there, too.


Sunday, February 15, 2015 you want $25 to spend at TPT?
Okay, okay, let me explain!  Hey guys, it's Angie from Lucky Little Learners and I have been on #cloudten this week.  Why?  My blog just got a HUGE OVERHAUL and it finally has the perfect look for me!  I WANT YOU TO SEE IT!  The colors, graphics, signature, tabs, welcome button, and more are so PERFECT!  One of my readers explained it like this, "Angie! Your blog is beautiful! The layout is so clean, but TONS of fun! Love the grey quatrefoil background."  Another reader says, "Love the design- so clean and modern, but still fun!"  I can't even begin to describe how much your feedback means to me! celebration of this NEW DESIGN, I am collaborating with my blog designer Alexis from Laugh Eat Learn to bring you lots and lots of GOODIES!  We are giving away...
 What do you need to do?  Well, it's simple!  Go over to (Yes, I bought my domain too...YIPPEEEE!) and fill out the Rafflecopters.  I promise, it's super easy plus you will stay connected with me through my different social media platforms.  I am always trying to post articles, quotes, images, giveaways, freebies that I know my readers would love!  Not only that but if you follow my TPT store, you will be notified of new products that I post and DISCOUNT for the first 24 hours!  Just in case you are not familiar with my Interactive Notebooks...
Okay, have I convinced you yet?  See you over there and I'd love to hear YOUR feedback!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Vowel Practice

Hi everyone! This is one of my favorite ways to practice and review vowels. This is simple to prep for, which is always nice!

Here's a little video to show how it works:

I give each student a vowel on a math counter. They all have the same worksheet with the vowel missing. They read each word with the vowel they have. Then they switch to use another vowel. Simple, quick, funIt's great practice for them and a quick snapshot assessment for me. 

You certainly do NOT have to buy anything to do this though! For one, you could also make your own by just drawing it out on a piece of paper. Just leave a little circle for them to drop the vowel in. 

I also do quickies during guided reading. All you need is a sticky note.

Put up some chart paper like this and use any ol' popsicle stick to fill in the vowels. In this picture we are working on a vowel pair. I have little popsicle sticks with all the vowels. Sometimes I'll have a student come up and read a word with three different vowel sticks. This is a great whole class lesson. 

 Like I said, I love having meaningful activities that are quick and simple!You can use it anytime AND it's a great informal assessment. 

If you would like 50 pages of these "Fill a Word sheets to use throughout the year, visit my blog for more information. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

valentiMe's day freebies :)

I only have a few days left on maternity this is gonna be a quickie! I'm sure you are all super excited (wink wink!) about the upcoming chaos celebration...Valentine's Day (or as I'm sure you hear all week long...Valentime's Day)! If you are looking for a little art project to do, check out my Lovebot Craftivity by clicking below:
We made these last year and I love how they turned out!
And if you haven't snagged this FREE parent letter for Valentine's Day, grab it now!
And be sure to print off a few of these FREE Valentine cards (updated since last year!) for students that forget to bring their own!
Until next time my friends!

Monday, February 9, 2015

100th Day in 2nd Grade

Hey guys!  It's Angie from Lucky Little Learners and I am coming off of an exhausting, yet super fun, day of school!  Today was our 100th Day of School and I have to admit that there were so many moments throughout the day today that got me excited about the thought of blogging because I kept thinking, "Gosh, they are going to love this!"  Going into today,  I knew that I wanted to write a blog post because the 100th Day of School has always been a favorite of mine and I want to share with you a couple of the successful activities that we do. 
 When my students come into the classroom, our routine is always the same.  They come in, lay out their BEE binder, read the morning message, sharpen their pencils, and begin their morning work.  They knew that today was going to be special when a plastic baggie was on their desk and they were told that their morning work consisted of counting out 100 Legos.  Let the crazy fun begin...yes, right away at 8:10!
 Time out from the my students started filling their plastic baggies, several of my students were intrigued by the 100 Adjectives display.  They wanted to know what was going to be happening on this board so after we got settled in, I explained to my students that one of the many challenges that I had for them today was to come up with 100 Adjectives.  When one of my students replied, "When can we start?" I knew we were in for a fun and busy day!
 As you can see they jumped to this challenge.  It was so fun to sit back and watch these guys work together.  Communication was key as they helped each other spell words, check for words that may have been doubled up, and triple check to make sure that the words that were listed were adjectives and not nouns or verbs.
 They conquered the task!  Everything may not be "dictionary spelled" but that was not the focus of this activity.  I think it looks great!
 Now, back to the Legos...once each student had their bag of 100 Legos, I instructed them to create something with their Legos.  I didn't care what it was but I did tell them that they had to use all 100 Legos and they could not trade any of their pieces for different sizes.  As you can see above, I may have some Type A kiddos with the all red and all yellow Legos.  Ha!  Ha!
 This task ended up taking them a lot longer than I had anticipated.  Their creativity kicked into high gear as they found this task to be a little more challenging than anticipated at the beginning.  There was some frustration with creations tipping over so they worked together to come up with the solution that the base had to be bigger and that the creations couldn't be too tall.  I loved watching their minds at work with this!
 Once each student finished their Lego creation, they had to come to me to create a label.  We displayed their creations around the classroom.  One of my students said, "Mrs. Olson, it looks like a Lego museum in here!"  Yes, I will definitely let these take over my classroom for the next week!  Another student suggested that our principal and other classes come and take a tour...I just may have to arrange this to happen.  I love when they are proud of themselves!
 Once their creation and label were on display, I gave them a writing template and asked them to use adjectives to write "beefy sentences" that would describe what they made.  You can get a copy of this Lego writing template HERE.  They modeled their "2nd grade best handwriting" with hopes that Mr. Nagel would come in and read their sentences!
 I have included a few of their writing samples and Lego creations.  They may not be perfect but I feel that it was an effective activity!

Another favorite from today were these photos.  We used the Aging Booth app to create these photos of ourselves as if we were 100 years old.  I have never heard my kids laugh so hard when we went through everybody's picture on the document camera.  (DISCLAIMER:  I got permission to use these photos from each child's family.)
 I definitely think that mine is the SCARIEST LOOKING!  YIKES!
I would like to end this post with our 100 Reasons Why We Love Our School bulletin board display.  We made this last week for our Parent Teacher Conferences but it ties in so nicely for the 100th Day of School.  I hope that you found a couple of ideas that you could use for your 100th Day of School or that you could pin to your 100th Day Pinterest board!