Monday, February 23, 2015

Beat Winter Blues With Zombie Math and A Freebie

The world is stuck in winter.  It is no longer the wonderland we knew and loved before Christmas, only a cold, frozen tundra.  Not even an oversized rodent named Phil could save help us.  February winter is just the pits.  Cue Debbie Downer...

That being said--not all is lost.  In order to beat the monotony of this weather and long stretch of uninterrupted school daze, a couple of my students and I have been playing a great little card game called Zombie Run!  This game isn't supposed to be educational, but we're teachers and we can make just about anything educational.

The gist of the game involves having the least amount of zombies attacking you after each round (there's instructions included, btw).

How do we make this educational (math specific)?  We do the math for adding, finding totals, comparing numbers, double digit, you know--all that good math STUFF kids don't realize they're into when they're playing games.  Games are quick and messy.  Lots of brains when you're dealing with zombies and hordes or undead players.

Cards range from 0-15.  The largest is a horde (you don't want that).  You can call bluffs on each other and gamble that you've got the least amount of walkers chasing after you, but if you're wrong you've got to double your score.  You can find an link here.

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If a card game doesn't do it for you, grab this free GO AWAY WINTER worksheet below.  Addition and subtraction within 12, mainly for my little guys.  Or there's also a simple coloring sheet--I mean, who doesn't like a little art therapy.  Grab it HERE and grab it from my drive.

Stay Warm.



  1. Love Debbie Downer....ha! That game looks like fun!

    Mind Sparks

  2. Thanks Katie! The games is very fun (and quick and easy)--those are the best for class. You could actually play with a regular decl of cards and the kids would still love it.