Monday, March 30, 2015

Heads Up App in the Classroom!!!

Hey everyone!!! How is everyone doing? I'm stopping by to share one of my FAVORITE apps we use in my classroom!!! Now, how much do you love Ellen??? Well, her hilarious Heads Up game is an app too!!! Awesome, right?!?
In our classroom, the Heads Up! app is played when they are finished with their vocabulary rotation.  I keep one of our iPhones in the magnetic folder so they can have easy access to it.  This is such a HUGE incentive for them to get their work done!

Now, how do I make it educational?

Well, once you buy the app ($0.99 well worth every penny), you can buy an in app purchase to be able to have an EDITABLE deck to add and delete whichever words you want to use! Now, it does cost $0.99 for the additional deck; however, I was able to have that deck on all of the iPhones in the room without buying it more than once! HURRAY!! :) 

Each week, I add our vocabulary words for reading and any other words we are working on that week.  Since we create motions to go with our words we are learning, the kids use their actions along with words as clues for their classmates.  We go over the voice level expectation and where they can stand to play it as well.  They LOVE IT!!!!!!  It's such a great way to make practice fun!!

To learn more on how to get it all set up and how it looks in my room, click on the picture below or the link HERE.
Thank you so much for stopping by here!!!  Hope you and your kids love this app as much as we do!!!  Don't forget to stop by my blog to take a look into my education journey!!! 


  1. Love this! We play it during morning meeting since I just got an iPad for the room... I'm going to try this "editable" deck idea!

    1. Ohhh that's awesome!!! I'm sure the kids love it!! Ahh the editable deck is so perfect for anything you want them to practice AND so fun!!!! Hope it comes in handy! :) Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!!

  2. I love this game! I've never played in the classroom, but that is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for the fun idea!