Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celebrate the End of the Year

Hey everyone!  It's Angie from Lucky Little Learners and I'm here today to talk about something my school does at the end of the year to celebrate all of the hard work our students have put forth.  Every May our school takes a day and breaks from the routine and rigor to jump into a fun-filled day of Track and Field events.  It's very do-able and I promise that it would be a success with your kiddos of all ages!  Here's how it works...

 Each classroom is in charge of choosing a team name.  Our class this particular year chose to be Olson's Olympians.  We designed the poster and the kids' families donated $5.00 to purchase a shirt.  For those who can't afford to purchase a shirt, our school finds a way to pay for those so that nobody is left out.  You wouldn't have to but I also ordered bandanas and sunglasses from Oriental Trading Company.  I think I spent around $25 for these items?

As you can see, the kids LOVE this day and their personalities really come out to SHINE.  The other part about this day that I LOVE is the way that the kids pull together to support and cheer each other on.  It is so rewarding, from a teacher's perspective, to watch them do this for each other. 
Okay, so now that each classroom has a team name, team poster, and a shirt, we have a Parade of Champions.  All of the classes walk around the track to show off their team and enthusiasm.  I am not even kidding when I say that the entire town comes out for this day!  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, business owners, and other locals show up for this!  While the classes are walking around the track, music is being played over the speaker.  I should also mention that our school has chosen to make this a 2-day event with 1st-3rd grade on one day and 4th-6th grade on another day.  

Here is an example of what the 1st-3rd schedule might look like:

 Each class competes as a team and each student from the team earns a 1, 2, or 3 for their turn at each event.  The teachers are in charge of writing down the scores for each child and there is a judge that provides the number to the teacher.  The judges end up being our P.E. teachers, paras, interventionists, specialists, etc.  The points are totaled up and a team amount is given for each event.  Cheering, teamwork, and encouragement is a HUGE FOCUS of this day! 

 We take a lunch break mid-day and most of the time the families take their son/daughter out to lunch as a special treat.  During our lunch break, the teacher add up their student totals for each event and submit their totals to the head judges/PE teachers. 

The second half of the day is my favorite.  Each class will participate in tug-of-war against another class in their grade level.  The points earned for tug-of-war also go towards the team points earned from the morning.  The classes that are not currently pulling sit around the outside and cheer for the classes. 

 At the very end of the day the points are all calculated and winners are announced.  I tell my students that the most important award, in my opinion, is the Team Spirit Award.  This award is given to the class that shows the best sportsmanship and is the most supportive and encouraging.  It is such a fun day!

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  1. We have Field Day at our school, which looks similar to what you do at your school. It is always SO much fun. I'm always pooped by the end of the day though! It's so great to build school spirit and the best way to finish out the year. :)