Monday, April 20, 2015

End of the Year Prep

Hi!  It's Megan from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade.  Today I am sharing some end of the year prep ideas with you.  The end of the year always creeps on up and I try my darnedest to stay on top of it!  I pride myself on my excellent organizational skills and the ability to always stay 10,000 steps ahead!  It's only because my mind does not shut off.  Ever.  This year I'll be in Vegas verrrry close up until the day we start school so....I'm in maniac mode currently.  Below are some things that I do at the end of the year vs. in the fall.

  • Assemble poetry folders-I make 28 {just in case} poetry folders.  These are the paper, 2-pocket folders.  I place 12 clear, plastic sleeves inside for our poems throughout the year.

  • Assemble birthday bags-I purchase small toys, balloons, party horns/blowers, stickers, and birthday bags.  I place the items inside and staple the bags shut.  I keep a basket of the bags out near my calendar and when a child's birthday pops up, I give them a bag and we sing "Happy Birthday."  No last minute scrambling for things!

  • Make a "wish list" of things I'd like to buy for the upcoming school year.  This always is so out of control, so I try to limit what I purchase.  My favorite shops for BTS shopping are: Target, Lakeshore Learning, Dollar Tree, and Learning Resources.   I'm having a linky over at my blog where you can share what's on your teacher wish list for next year!  I'd love to have you come over and link up! 

  • Assemble data binders-This takes awhile but it is SO worth it doing it in the spring vs. the fall. I get all the materials and copies laid out and have an assembly line of sorts.  Sometimes I have a helper but most years I do not.

  • Organize cabinets & De-Clutter-I love organizing!  Each year, I go through all of my cabinets and re-organize them.  I can ALWAYS come up with a few bags of things that I don't need/want.  I like to make room for things I will actually use!

What things do you do to get ready for the upcoming year?  Do you do a lot in advance or wait until summer and/or fall to do them?

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