Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Forever File - Guaranteed Smile Style!

Hey hey, all! It's Ashley here from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd! I'm excited to bring you a fresh - feel good - FREE -  idea that may just bring you a smile or two!    I don't know about you, but this time of the year can be... well... trying.  Sometimes the stress of testing, final interim grades, the time crunch of MUST GET IT ALL IN BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR, and the attitudes of those "I'm almost in 3rd grade and I don't have to listen to you any more" 2nd graders.  . . . well - they test you.  Right? Right.  SURELY I'm not alone.

Don't get me wrong - I've got a list LISTS a mile long {EACH} of blog posts, fresh classroom ideas, products to try out, etc. with which I combat the end of the year stress - but I also have a go to, 10 YEAR OLD, file in my filing cabinet that will immediately bring back smile that the 4th quarter struggles may just have squashed.

Introducing to you.... the FOREVER FILE.

I'm sure you're saying . . . "A forever what, now?"  Allow me to explain.  The FOREVER FILE is a file folder {newly turned binder} that has notes {from my kiddos} that I want to keep FOREVER.

  I mean - my kids give me pictures and notes and special origami... cranes?... alllllll the time {that I keep safely in a dear spot forever and ever - as you do, I'm sure...}, but sometimes, I find a note in my in bin that is just so dear and so very much so written from the heart, that I just MUST keep!  So, I just toss it in the FOREVER FILE and when I'm feeling the spring time blues, I can pull out the FOREVER FILE and take a browse through it!  There are INSTANT and guaranteed smiles from these gems that I have saved from the last ten years :) {I always try to remember to have the kids add their first and last names and the date before I toss is in my FOREVER FILE for another day when I need it most!

Last year during the 432784320 days of indoor recess, my kiddos decided that my FOREVER FILE needed a binder, as well as a binder cover - - - so my FOREVER FILE is 100% kid made.  I adore that.  

Here's what my new FOREVER {binder} FILE looks like :)

This year, I had a previous student from last year bring me the most DEAR letter that IMMEDIATELY went into the FOREVER FILE! . . .  I won't even get started on the amount of tears this letter brought to me in the moment - so I'm saving it in the forever file for a day that I feel less than the best teacher I can be.  {and holy fabulous penmanship?!}

I mean - how could I NOT keep THIS?!? He made me a FLIP FLAP BOOK?! It's filled with his favorite things about me and our year in 2nd grade together.  FOREVER FILE MATERIAL :)

Is my FOREVER FILE pretty? NO  
Will I ever make my FOREVER FILE fancier? NOPE

If there was an unscheduled fire drill that I thought MIGHT be a real fire, would I grab my FOREVER FILE before ushering my line our the door?!  ABSOLUTELY

So grab a binder - or even a file folder - and get your FOREVER FILE started RIGHT NOW. . . .
          In 2, 3, 20, 30?! years from now, you'll be SO very glad that you did. :)

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  1. This is a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I have a few notes sitting on my desk now that could go in this file... I'm starting it tomorrow!!