Sunday, April 26, 2015

Have I Got An Opinion For You!

Teaching Opinion Writing

Kids are naturals for having opinions!  They have an opinion on almost everything.....what clothes they want to wear, the vegetables they refuse to eat, which student doesn't follow the rules, etc.... And they LOVE telling us about them!

Books for Teaching Opinion Writing

There are a lot of books that can be used for teaching writing about opinions.  These are just some of my favorites.  I love to hear what the kids think about how the characters are being treated- like in Farmer Duck.  You can almost see some kids feel the pain that Duck feels when the farmer mistreats him.  They also can't wait to tell you why the Pigeon should or shouldn't be allowed to drive the bus.  Don't you just love Mo Willems books?

Task Cards for Teaching Opinion Writing

After introducing opinions with books, your students are ready to get started on applying their skills to writing.  A fun way to do that is with What's Your Preference task cards.  It's kind of like the game Would You Rather, but it takes the students through the entire writing process.

What's Your Preference for Teaching Opinion Writing

After choosing a task card, students plan out their writing using the planning sheets.  The planning sheets are then used to write out their opinions, plus edit and revising before writing the final draft.

Take It or Leave It for Teaching Opinion Writing

Another fun way to practice opinion writing is with Take It or Leave It.  These no prep- just print & use sheets are a quicker way to get students writing and using evidence to back up their opinions.

Take It or Leave It for Teaching Opinion Writing

This Take It or Leave It is specially for the end of the year or even summer school.  Each sheet is themed for summer! 

Opinion Writing and providing evidence

You can have students practicing these quick writes all through the year to build proficiency in their  writing with this Take It or Leave It writing bundle!  Kids LOVE to come up with different opinions to convince you to think the way they do!!

Using quick writes to practice using evidence to support your opinions

I hope you have lots of fun teaching your students to write about their opinions!  It is definitely something they really enjoy and are good at doing!

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  1. These are some great opinion writing idea! I love the books you listed, too. :) Those preference task cards look so fun!