Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Post - It Inferences!

You know when you're walking through the Dollar Tree and you see all of these amazing (and cheap!) things and you think.... but HOW can I use them!? And because you can't think of something right then and there, you put it back and walk away?  Yeah, that's me the majority of the time too!  But I'm thankful for the day I stopped and picked up these little beauties...

Sorry for the crooked picture..  

Yes, Puzzle post its!!  Can you say, AH - DOR - AH - BLE!?  At the time I couldn't think of something to use.  Probably because my husband was giving me that "What did you find NOW" look.  You know the look I'm talking about ;)  Any ways.  I was planning for this week and I remembered I had them.  And what would you know we were practicing this week?  Making Inferences!  Hello!  Text + Schema = Inference!  That's a puzzle right there :)  I was super glad to get these babies out and put to good use!

I made this very simple template for putting the post its on.  It was great for grouping also, because it assigned specific colors of posit its to the specific pieces (text or schema).  The kids were excited because, duh, they got to use post its!  

You never know when those things will come in handy!  Run out and grab them while you can!  #dollartree  

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  1. EEEEKK! That's the sound of pure joy because I have not seen these post-its yet! I loooove post its!! Your idea to use them to make inferences is genius. I have to hunt these down at my dollar tree! :)