Sunday, May 24, 2015

Summer Reading Pack for Incoming First Graders

I am on the home stretch now. Summer is SO close! Many of you have already packed up your classrooms. As much as I love summer, I always worry about the big summer slide with some of our students. Many of our students would be fine even if they did a little backward slide. Unfortunately, many of our students can't afford even the smallest step back. We've all worked so hard to make progress all year long, then we send our students out for the two or three month break and wish for the best. Last year I created a summer packet for incoming first graders. I made it with my struggling readers in mind. These are the kids that need to be practicing this summer. These are the students that are not as likely to be reading for pleasure this summer. They are on that cusp of becoming readers so many of the books at the library are still too hard for them. Some of these parents are looking for guidance and are willing to help their kids but are not sure how. Hopefully, this packet can help! I've updated it with more direction for parents. 

I added a letter to parents that can go on the first page after the cover. 

I also added these pages that elaborate a little more on each section. I printed them in bright colors and placed them between each section of the packet. 

I know my parents are often looking for more guidance, so I added some ideas for what to do if their child is struggling with certain parts of this packet. I also described how they can help their child with each section. 

and to download these free bookmarks!

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