Thursday, June 18, 2015

Asking Questions

Hi there, it's Whitney from The Crazy Schoolteacher.  I recently found out that I will be making the move from first to third this fall and oh my word I am SO EXCITED.  I love teaching first grade, but it was time from a change.  I'm looking forward to doing more project based learning with kiddos who know how to zip up their jacket and tie their shoes...hopefully! :)

In preparation for the big move I began talking to other teachers in my building.  One thing they all told me is the importance of reading, comprehension and higher-level of thinking.  This isn't any different from first grade, but as I began moving from a first grade mindset to a third grade mindset I created a list of questions I want my kiddos to be answering after they read.  I created these mini posters to post in my classroom library.  Oh, did I mention that these posters are in my store as a FREEBIE right now?

I plan on using these posters to give assignments.  For example, choose 3 questions to respond to in your reading journal.  No worksheets.  The questions are already printed and on the wall.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy...wait, will third graders still think I'm funny? #teacherproblems

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