Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Daily 5 Book Study GIVEAWAY!!

Okay. Confession time. I've actually owned both the Daily 5 & Cafe for two, maybe three years. I've read the books (well...more like skimmed to be honest), and I've even followed along on a Daily 5 book study. But I never really 'got' Daily 5. I never could wrap my head around the structure.

But then my principal sent a group of us to a Daily 5 Conference with The Sisters. And it totally EASY! Easier than what I've been doing, to be exact. It was so easy that I was actually able to go back to the classroom & put it into action the next day! And that's really saying something -- we (my teaching partner & I) actually have 50 kiddos in our classroom!
clicked. It suddenly just all came together & made perfect sense! Not only did it make sense...it seemed

I am SO excited to be reading the 2nd Edition of the Daily 5 this summer! Several blogging friends and I will be hosting each chapter beginning June 20th! We'd love it if you'd follow along with us! We're even giving away FIVE copies of the book to five readers! I'm super excited to get started!

Want to win a copy of the book? Just enter your info in the rafflecopter below and cross your fingers!

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