Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Painting Projects

Howdy ya'll!!  I am so excited to be joining this amazing group of teachers and this incredible blog!!! 

My name is Greg and I blog at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!   I teach Kindergarten in Nashville, TN!   This will be my 10th year teaching (7 in K).   I live with my husband, Jason (the mister) and our two golden doodles, Butters and LuLu!   

In my classroom, we foster choice, freedom and responsibility.  We also thrive on making messes and creating beautiful art work.   I am a big proponent of bringing fun and art back into our classrooms all while meeting our academic standards.  The standards are there.  We can't ignore them.  We can't change them, so we can at least make learning fun and artful!!

I also love glitter.  The more glitter, the better.   #messy=success

So for my first post on Spark Of Inspiration, I wanted to share 4 simple, fun and summery painting projects you can do with your students or at home!

Footprint carrots!  This is always a favorite!   You'll want lots of sanitizer for this one!   Paint their toes green and the foot green!  Press onto paper!  BAM!  Carrots!

Celery flowers.   Cut the bottom third of a celery bunch off.  Dip into paint  and stamp onto paper.  Use fingers to paint stems!

Fingerprint dandelions.  Paint a stem with your fingers.   Then use white paint and fingerprints to make the dandelion flower.  

Students can write a wish to go with their dandelion!

Sponge flower!   Draw, paint or use brown paper to make a flower pot.   Paint a stem.

Cut sponges into flower petal shapes!   Dip into paint and stamp around the stem to make the flower.

Add leaves!

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