Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Use Google Classroom to Connect With Students

Our district has gone full Google.  Full Google comes great responsibilities and unlimited possibilities.  One of those possibilities is connecting with students ALL SUMMER long.  That's right, you heard me.  We've all got those students that need to be working  (in some capacity) all summer long.  Google Classroom affords you and your students those possibilities.

The chance to help my students stay connected to school and teachers during summer is a great big game-changer.  We don't have to rely solely on tutoring.   We're able to meet our students' in the mediums they find the most interesting and sometimes most successful....technology.

I'm trying it out with a few of my students this summer.  I want them to stay active with their reading, writing, and math--but most importantly I want them to continuing learning and growing and expanding their potentials as people.

Some of the Details:
  • Contacting the parents and making them aware of this is vital.
  • I'm creating individual classrooms for each of my students (you may only need one single classroom, the choice is yours).  
  • Most students will create projects using slides.  Each slide contains books, movies, or summer experiences.  They're simple and quick but let the students design and be creative.
  • The students' involvement will dictate the success.  This only works if students participate.  It's the summer, I'll understand.

One of the first assignments was to was a funny video and comment back with your thoughts.  I'm not using buzzwords like critique or think critically with.  I'm not concerned about spelling or grammar.  I just want their brains turned on.  There can only be so much Netflix watched during the day.  I'm just working on engaging the students and work within the technology.  So far, so good!

I've started a variation of this with my own daughter, who will be creating on Slides (as seen below).  She is making a page for every book she reads.  Right now,  the Big Nate series is her go to stuff.  Eventually, she'll get to the I Survived series and Beverly Cleary.  She's excited.

For those of Google gods out there, have you tried this?  
What kind of feedback have you received?
Any other tips or tricks you'd want to provide?


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