Monday, June 15, 2015

Ways to Make Numbers FREEBIE

Hi, friends!  It's Megan from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade.  Today I am sharing a simple and fun review game for addition/subtraction.  It's called "Ways to Make Numbers."  To play, print out several sets of the "mats" that I have created for you.  There are tiered mats {easy, on level, and advanced}.  I copied my tiered mats in 3 different colors so I could quickly distribute them to groups to work on.  *You can decide how many papers to give each group.  I usually give 6-7 different papers to a group. Decide ahead of time how many groups you want to have and which students will be in each group. Homogeneous grouping works best for differentiating this activity.  I like to have groups of 4-5 students for this activity.  Label the mats with sticky notes of the group members' names.

Place students into groups and give each group a stack of papers and pencils.  When you say "GO," students will grab a paper from the center of their table and complete one of the facts on it.  They will put the paper back in the middle and grab a different paper to do the same.  This will continue on until most groups are finished or until you decide it's over.  When students finish, go over the pages with them.  This is a great review activity!

To download, click the picture below.  Enjoy!

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