Friday, July 24, 2015

All About The Classroom Library

Hey everyone!

As I start getting ready for back to school, my main task this year is my library. Last year was my first year and most of the books I had were my own that I'd collected over time from garage sales and from my childhood.

Through out the year, I stocked up on books from Scholastic during Dollar Days and other books from the catalog that were a great price. This summer, I hit up Goodwill and Ebay.

I scored a great deal on a lot of 20 Animorph books for $8 on Ebay!

Now on to organization...last year I used the Scholastic Book Wizard App to scan books to keep track of which books I had, plus it had the level (I am at a school that uses Guided Reading Levels) so it was fabulous.

 I found an app this year called "Books" and I love it! It scans the ISBN barcode but if it isn't in the library, you can either search for it by ISBN number or type to search.

So now I can just scroll through and since I'm a visual person, I appreciate being able to see the covers.  Also, I discovered if you click the book, click edit, you can "check it out" to a kid if you wanted and it says "loaned". Then when they return, edit, and click return and it is back to normal.

So Junie B Jones is loaned out. Perfect!

Finally, my classroom library.  I have my library organized differently this year. Last year I had levels, then non- fiction and fiction. It was fine and it worked, but I want to broaden my library. This year I will have a leveled section, then my main library will be organized by genres and authors, plus a tub for our class favorites and magazines. Some genres I'm including are historical, adventure, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, humor, and mystery. It could go even more from there, but I didn't want to get too crazy. It's not ready yet to show you, but here is a sneak peek!

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  1. I love this way of controlling the books being checked out in the classroom library. I am having a hard time finding the app "Books". It gives me books to download or ebooks. Could you please share what the app looks like or another way to find the book? If you could email me it would be appreciated.