Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back to School Bulletin Board "Pin"spirations

Hi! Sarah here from A Rocky Top Teacher!

While prepping for the new school year, I ran across some fun bulletin boards and wanted to collect them all in once place to share with you. 

Before I start sharing away though...I have a confession. I am NOT a fan of traditional bulletin boards. I REALLY love how "pretty" some of them are, but give me one that has been created with the "students" in mind, and I am ALL THERE! 

These are not your typical bulletin boards! Brace yourselves!

Here are some of my favorites! 

I just love this Instagram post! I think it is a great way to highlight moments of the year. Want to make it student-centered? Let your kiddos be the ones that snap the photos and choose which ones to get printed and posted!

Photo from Marci Combs 

This one just melts my heart. I really want to incorporate this one with the staff at our school. The short story behind this board is this- A blogger challenged a high school to do a "happy" project and share acts of kindness. This was one of their random acts. They created this wall to help out and support their fellow classmates. WOW...just WOW!!!

Photo from Kindness Girl

Sometimes, we place stereotypes on each other without meaning them in a negative way. He is such an athlete. She is funny. He's just different. This teacher created a language arts lesson to help students identify and connect with the stereotypes they feel that they had been given by others and bring insight to the what happens when these stereotypes are placed on each other. 

Let students define themselves at the beginning of the year! What are we going to be this year? This bulletin board is a great way to help students "break the ice" with their classmates and set the foundation for a great year of learning and growing. 

 Photo from Teaching is Forever

And, this last one is my favorite and will be what we will put in the hallway outside of our room at the start of the year. I am going to use their first day of school pictures. I will have a little over 50 kiddos so I should have plenty to make this one work. I may even combine this idea with one of the other boards from above. We will just have to wait and see! 

Did you find a favorite? Did this spark your creative juices?! Create away!!


  1. All great ideas! I love the idea of letting the kids chose the photos to print and having a place to put them. I let my kiddos take pictures, but then it seems that I never do much with them. This would give them more of a purpose. Thanks for sharing!

    A Very Curious Class