Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Building Stamina FREEBIE

Are you following along with our Daily 5 Book Study? In Chapter 3, we read about how practicing & building stamina is part of the steps toward teaching & learning independence.

Of course, first you've got to teach your kiddos what stamina is, why we need to increase it, & what the benefit is for us.

In my classroom, I like to tell them my brother's story: Of course, to get better at anything, we need to practice. A basketball player plays basketball as much as she can....a mountain biker rides bikes as much as he can...a reader reads as much as he can. I talk about how he was just like them as a first, second, or third grader. My brother (& all of my sibs & I) grew up right in the same town they are, & even went to our same school. He decided he wanted to be a mountain he rode his bike as much & as often as he could....& worked to build his stamina. He did become a pretty awesome mountain bike rider (I'll just brag a bit here...he was actually ranked nationally. He moved to California from Indiana to pursue his dream, & ended up founding a magazine & moving into the writing field. He's currently the director of Red Bull's Mountain Bike channel. Which all leads to a GREAT discussion on the need to become a good reader & writer no matter what your dream is!). I created this poster to use in my classroom. Guess what......that really IS my brother in the picture!! Just click the pic to grab a FREEBIE copy (there's also a less ink-intensive poster in the link). Stop over & check out our D5 discussion, too!

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