Sunday, July 5, 2015

Character Traits Subway Art Posters: Freebie!

Are you tired of your writers using words like 'nice', 'kind', and 'funny' when describing characters? Snag these Character Traits & Synonyms for FREE to help your students choose the just-right word. These posters are a perfect visual reminder and a starting place when teaching about Shades of Meaning.
My Subway Art series started two years ago when looking for modern and fun ways to set-up my 5th grade classroom (without looking too babyish). 5th graders so desperately wanted to be treated like 'BIG' kids, so the classroom needed to match. 

Celebrate my recent TpT Milestone, you can snag these posters FREE until next Sunday, July 12th. 
Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you in Vegas. :)


  1. I am grabbing these up FOR SURE!!!! Thank you! These are FANTASTIC!!!! I tell my kids ALL THE TIME we are going to have a "funeral" for certain words. This will help! Thank you for sharing!

    Becky from

    1. Hahahahaha- love it Becky. When I was in fifth, I put these words on gravestones and then, found better words! :)

  2. LOVE THESE! They are so fun I want to print them out for my office! Thanks for sharing!!
    ~Heather aka HoJo~