Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Practice Sight Words in the Sun

Hi Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I am loving every minute of it. I looooove summer time. This summer I've been mostly keeping busy with my two boys, but I've also been balancing with a little work. Summer is such a great opportunity to catch up on things that I wanted to do during the school year, but never had time to do. That list just keeps growing and growing until summer, when I chip away at it a little. Don't worry though, I'm not stressing myself out at all! Ha! I'm definitely in vacation-every-day mode. I often ask myself what day it is. Awww, summertime.

That leads into my topic for today: Fun ways to practice sight words in the summer!

Specifically, ways to trick your kids into practicing sight words outside so you can still enjoy the beautiful sunshine. ;) These are meant to be quick activities to keep those brains from getting cobwebs. They can be used for review for our beginning readers (so they don't lose everything that they started to gain in kindergarten,) or a mixture of new and review words to build skills over the summer.

1. Make a "sand box."

2. Bean Bag Toss

3. Word Hunts:

4. Chalk it up:

5. Soak a Sight Word:

6. Rock Tic-Tac-Toe

7. Sight Word Frisbee

8. Word Find

9. Sight Word Memory and Go Fish:

Come by my blog to read more and to pick up a printable version of these ideas:

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