Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's In A Name *GIVEAWAY*

Let's have some fun today!
I'm giving away my #1 bestseller to two of our SPARK followers!

Every year, I am scrambling to create name tracers by hand or I go to some awful website where I do one kid's name at a time, print, repeat. Now I can create multiple, different name tracers/activities and have them right at my fingertips for all of my students!

Click the picture to take you there!

Would you like to see the tutorial that goes along with this pack!? This video shows you how to use one portion of this product. Don't forget, there are also two free fonts and editable name plates with this pack. I'm in love.

AND I created a second tutorial to help you edit the name plates. 'Hope this is helpful.

I'll choose TWO winners when I wake up tomorrow and update this post, when I do.

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