Sunday, August 23, 2015

Accountable Talk

Hey everyone!

I had a training the other week (30 hours worth) for math and I picked up so many great tips. One of my favorite ones was about accountable talk. I know it's not a new topic, but it was "newer" to me.

It's a great way to have your students engaged in conversation that is meaningful, instead of just asking "Do you all agree with _____'s answer?" You get to see their think process and hear them ask questions to press on the thinking further.

The most important thing before you implement this in your class, is that your classroom environment is safe and respectful. All students need to be comfortable in asking questions without the worry of being laughed at.

   It looks like students turned towards a partner or their group. Their eyes are focused on whomever is speaking or looking at that person's work. No one is playing with things, their attention is focused on their partner/group.

It sounds like genuine questions being asked or comments being added to what is stated. 

    I will be starting with my class as soon as possible, but not until we set up classroom norms about how we discuss things as partners/groups. I plan on using the questions for not just math, but also reading or any subject for that matter. Then we will ease into asking a question during math or using one of the statements. 

My questions are right up front for my kids to see, but there will be smaller versions in their math folders, for easy access. I can't wait for my students to have more inspiring, engaging, and thoughtful conversations in class. 

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