Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sweet and Sour (Words) Lemonade Party!

Hello! This is Lisa from ALL Y'all Need. My first week of school is next week and I wanted to share an idea that I implemented last year. 

Last summer, I heard the phenomenal Cara Carroll refer to less desirable words as "sour words" in her classroom. I LOVED IT! I immediately thought, "I'm using that!" and began brainstorming ways I could implement that idea in my classroom.

So here's what I came up with.... I decided to host a classroom lemonade party to introduce sweet and sour words in the classroom. My goal of the lemonade party was for my students to use their senses in order to gain a deeper of understanding of the impact of sour words.

Here is what happened at our lemonade party.

First, each student received a thimble-sized portion of lemon juice. We discussed how the lemon juice looked, smelled, felt, and tasted. As a class, we came to the conclusion that the lemon juice was extremely bitter. Their expressions were hysterical when they tasted the lemon juice! Then, a discussion was held about how bitter words are like lemon juice. Although they seem harmless, they have a bitter effect.

Then, we repeated the same procedure for lemonade. This time, my students were smiling after tasting the lemonade and many asked for a refill. We talked about how sweet words are like lemonade. They make us smile, feel good, and someone always wants more. Throughout the year, we referred to other's comments as sweet and/or sour words. I would hear, "Thank you for using sweet words!" and "That was very sour!"

I can't wait to host the sweet and sour lemonade party! I hope that it demonstrates the impact words have on us to my Pre-K students this year as much as it did last year. 

Happy teaching!


  1. What an amazing idea!!!Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lemonade Party!! Sounds really interesting! You know I really like such small get-together events. At one of the prettiest NYC venues I also hosted such a simple yet enjoyable family holiday party during Christmas holiday. Truly, we all had great time there!