Sunday, June 5, 2016

Chunk It Up!

In my class, we do a lot of chunking.  Both when reading and when writing.  I know we've made progress when we can see words in chunks and not individual letters.  When students use Chunky Monkey, they record the word on Post It notes to show visually how they have used and applied this strategy.  

Once students have been taught to read and spell in chunks, they need some practice at it.  Students color the picture, glue in the chunks and write the word as a whole part.  That is important that they move across the continuum from individual sounds to chunks, to whole words.  Then they apply this knowledge by reading a sentence and highlighting the chunks. Last,  students demonstrate comprehension by doing a quick sketch of the sentence.

These word family Chunk Its are no prep- just print and go to make it an easy go-to resource!

When students write the words, teach them to write it in the chunks- beginning sounds and chunks and not looking at each individual letter.  Struggling readers/writers need lots of encouragement and modeling to do this automatically.

There is a Chunk Its CVCe Long Vowels too!  


One area that so many students really need to build and strengthen is multisyllabic words.  This Chunk Its does that with short vowel 2 syllable words.  They get practice with compound words, double consonants, and breaking 2 syllable words where at least one of the syllables has a short vowel sound.   I have also bundled all 4 of the Chunk It resources into one bundle to help save you some money.  You can click any of the pictures to be taken to see these resources and how they can help your students practice moving out of individual sounds and into chunks of sound!

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