Monday, July 30, 2018

Back to School Activities

Back to School Activities  for elementary classrooms

It is almost that time of Back to School!  While summer is wonderful and great for relaxing and recharging, back to school is always exciting!  I enjoy coming back with new ideas to try and enthusiasm for teaching and learning.  

Do you have your back to school ideas ready?  If you are looking for some new ways to start off the year, we've got you covered!  You'll find some free ideas here too!

Back to School Activities  for elementary classrooms free welcome banner

Print a FREE welcome banner to decorate your room or hallway!  Then students can fill out the I AM pennants to write about themselves.  Great first week back to school activity!  You can find this free banner and pennants here!

Back to School Name Activities for Kindergarten

Print names on colorful paper and laminate for kindergarten!  So many skills you can cover with names- first letter, last letter, name recognition, clapping syllables, vowels and consonants, how many letters, etc... Click here to read more about this AND to pick up a great name activity FREEBIE!!

Back to School Writing Activities Student Selfies writing

Make Student Selfies flip books!  Students write clues about themselves and make into a flip book.  Hang flip books and you have a fun, interactive bulletin board! Find these Back to School Flip Books here!

Back to School Writing Activities Student Selfies Flip Book

You can use the toppers with the flip books or leave them off.

Back to School Writing Activities How to Succeed in Second Grade Flip Book

Students can also write about their ideas on how to be successful in their new grade!

Back to School Writing Activities How to Succeed Flip Book

Are you noticing a theme here with writing?  Always good to have fun and engaging writing activities!

Back to School Writing Activities Take It or Leave It Opinion Writing

Another fun writing activity is Take It or Leave It Back to School.  Kids enjoy writing about their opinions about a variety of back to school topics and then providing evidence to explain their reasonings.  Find it here!

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